Villa de Teguise

The Real Villa de Teguise is the heart of town and because of its historical legacy has been declared a historical architectural and artistic. Teguise is possibly the best preserved historic center of the Canaries, and that has not undergone major changes over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Teguise today, especially since the town known happy times as a result of the implementation in terms of tourism subsector, struggle to maintain unchanged the profile of the streets, turned, curiously, in an attractive first-order within the offer cultural hutch (Lanzarote). Thus, a walk in the XXI century Teguise is the closest thing we find in the Canary Islands to visit anachronistic to the time of our grandparents, as the town of Teguise is held with the taste of the truly ancient.

Here you will find all information about the history of the town of Teguise.

Here you can find the various sites of interest in the town of Teguise.

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  • The Timple House-Museum

    The Timple House-Museum is a space which combines the functions of a museum, a center for studies and a cultural space.

  • Town Hall

    The Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) of Teguise is built over the convent outbuildings of what was the local monastery of Santo Domingo,...