Residence Marqués de Herrera y Rojas Museum House

Residence Marqués de Herrera y Rojas Museum House

This residence was built in 1929 by Luís Ramírez González over an old house from the 18th century. Its reconstruction was primarily carried out in order to turn it into a museum under the name of Marqués de Herrera y Rojas. As such, the original tea-wood door and stone-cut doorway were brought from the original palace of the marquis and fixed into the main facade of this property. The building has two floors and a gallery on the top floor which looks out over the central covered courtyard.

The town council of Teguise completed work on the architectural structure in 1988 and the crest was completed by the artist Pancho Lasso. Today, it has been converted into the culture department of the Teguise town council.

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