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Soo is the main town west of the town of Teguise and belongs to the Natural Park of Chinijo.

Tao is an aborigine name meaning fortress. In spring, the mountain of Tamia is normally covered by tiny little flowers and its slopes reach down right into the town.

Administratively, Mozaga is a very peculiar town because its surface is divided between the municipality of Teguise and St. Bartholomew.

Munich is a village even smaller than the previous ones but with the same magic and tranquility. The few buildings facing Soo and the Risco de Famara and highlights the small church which is located in the middle of town, next to the road.

Tiagua does not have too many buildings, is very well kept and the locals are very friendly and hospitable.

The lava flow from the eruptions of 1730 and 1736, which runs around the town of Tahiche, is absolutely spectacular.

Leaving the coast behind, we head inland towards Guatiza. Immediately around the village we see fields packed full of chumberas, or prickly pear cacti.

Los Valles
In Los Valles we see the mills in the wind farm, the heirs of Lanzarote’s long-standing tradition of harnessing and making use of the power of the wind.

El Mojón
The ceramics from El Mojón are renowned all over the island, and some of its charming figures, such as “Los Novios de El Mojón” (The Bride and Groom of El Majón) are particularly famous.

Teseguite is a small village where peace and quiet breathing. Its flowery fields in spring or simply dropped four drops of rain timid, serve as fodder for some herds of goats and sheep.

Leaving the Villa de Teguise, heading to Arrecife, we find small towns with charm. The first one is Nazareth.

Los Cocoteros
Turning south, we reach Los Cocoteros. Here there are no naturists but in all other respects it is very similar. The coast is full of volcanic rock.

Caleta de Famara
At the Caleta de Famara any of the restaurants will be able to serve you up some excellent fresh fish, prepared in the most traditional style, of course. This small town also belongs to the Chinijo natural park, and enjoys a privileged and absolutely beautiful location.


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