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Caleta Caballo
Its white sand beach is very nice, especially at high tide, and along its coast has formed many lava caves capricious.

San Juan
Situated more to the southwest than Caleta de Famara, this is an ideal beach for surfing and bodyboarding.

The Beach of Famara, Magic
This beach, with fine, golden sand, is located in the town bearing the same name, Caleta de Famara. It is a small but very charming fishing cove.

Famara Beach, Magic!
Without a doubt the most spectacular beach in the municipality of Teguise. The beach begins at the village of La Caleta de Famara and extends for several kilometers to the foot of the impressive cliffs of the same name.

Los Charcos
This is Costa Teguise’s most northerly beach. It is characterised by the strong winds further out to sea and its pleasant bathing area nearer the shore.

Las Salinas
This small, charming cove is situated just in front of the Gran Meliá Salinas hotel. Its spectacular white sand contrasts with the turquoise of the sea.

Las Cucharas
This is perhaps the principal beach of the Costa Teguise. It is surrounded by a carefully controlled tourist environment and shielded with breakwaters.

El Jabillo
A little further to the north, we find this beach of calm waters, shielded by a breakwater, and fine, white sand.

This golden sand beach is very well cared for, with thick stone walls, stairs and landscaped garden areas.

El Ancla
This is the most southerly beach of Costa Teguise, it is a nice little cove of white sand and crystal clear water.


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