Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

Lanzarote has a large quantity of natural resources and mixed with its complex geography, it is an ideal environment to practise mountain bike.

Lanzarote has 247 kms and 3.500 metres of ramps, in the form of paths, roads and trails for mountain bikes. Ramps are never over 600 meters, and generally they do not surpass 200 meters. The fact that Lanzarote is largely made of natural protected areas, means your ties will not touch concrete, but will rather go through volcanoes, vineyards, La Graciosa Island, el Risco de Famara amongst others.

Specialised businesses organise excursions and routes according to the group’s level of expertise and the island’s wind conditions. Due to the average yearly temperature of 22ºC Lanzarote is the perfect destination to practise mountain bike all year long.

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