The Lanzarote Aquarium is the largest one of the Canary Islands with over one million litres water divided into 33 tanks, where you can observe hundreds of marine species. Typical Canarian species such as tiger fishes, gilthead seabreams or fulas, eye-catching colorful tropical species with manifold forms, clownfishes and their relationship with anemones, fire dragons, globefishes, or hermit crabs, are all part of the Lanzarote Aquarium’s marine species collection. Visitors will enjoy a variety of shark species in our underwater tunnel, as well as in our central tank with 400’000 litres water.

In addition to that we offer the opportunity to dive in our central tank. The activity of diving in aquariums is getting more and more popular within different aquariums worldwide. The Lanzarote Aquarium is joining this initiative with an innovation compared to other aquariums: you don’t need any diving license to immerse yourself and enjoy this unique experience in the Lanzarote Aquarium. An immersion in the aquarium gives you the chance to dive with species which can hardly be found in open water and to experience the feeling of being surrounded by fishes during the whole immersion. Diving with sharks and other big predators in captivity boosts the adrenaline of the diver and of those who are watching through the glass.

At Lanzarote Aquarium you can also celebrate your birthday. You can learn something while having fun. The party consists in a guided visit, during which you have the opportunity to feed some of our fishes, followed by a scavenger hunt and a final snack break.

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